by Lori Salierno

Is God calling you to be a Climbing Companion?

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Matthew 5:2 / The Message

Helps facilitate hard questions like:

Revitalize Your Group Study

So you’re looking for a bible study for your group? Past studies may have led to rich discussion but you are hoping to get your group engaged and read to go out and serve the community is Jesus name. This might be the study for you.

The Climbing Compansions book and study helps you delve into ten core principles that Jesus taught to those who climbing with him when he preached his sermon on the mount.

What People are Saying

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John Dukes
Seacoast Church | Discipleship Pastor

10 Core Principles

These scriptural vistas will serve as powerful devotionals that will give you a deeper appreciation of His Truth


Treat others with respect in all situations.


Integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.


Show self-control in order to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle


Demonstrate courage even in the face of self-doubt and fear.


Exercise excellence as a habit and a consistent part of your life.


Balance your self-confidence with healthy doses of humility.


Show great compassion for those less fortunate than yourself.


Contribute to teamwork and reap the benefits as well.


Generate enthusiasm in yourself and others towards a positive purpose.


A person of honor consistently makes the right choices.

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