Catch The Vision – Packet


Lori has packed a powerhouse of items in the Catch the Vision Packet– all designed to launch you upward in your spiritual journey. Get founded in the Word of God. Let Lori show you how to put the Scriptures in your heart through well-paced memory work. Here’s what’s included:

*Balance at its Best – This book will transform the way you look at life. Based on Lori Salierno’s personal experiences and her quest for excellence, this book helps you avoid the pitfalls that stem from having only good priorities, when you really need best priorities. Lori mixes humor and practical insights to come up with a recipe for action. Life balance will no longer be a dream but a reality as you delve into Balance at Its Best.

*Hope Dangerously –Lori shares her dangerous adventure with us in Hope Dangerously. Her story is not about just a bicycle ride but about how we can overcome the challenges and dangers of life with hope, passion, and determination.

*Scripture Memory Adventure booklet – quick motivation to getting started investing time in God’s Word — just updated!

*Serving God with what you have CD – The little boy gave up his lunch to Jesus and 5,000 got fed. Lori shares her amazing story of watching God multiply her little “lunch” so at-risk kids can be reached with hope and purpose.

*Person of Restoration CD – This CD will encourage you to see that God will bring joy in the morning. When God restores He multiplies so that the end result is greater than the beginning.

Proceeds from the Catch The Vision Packet benefit at-risk kids participating in the Teach One to Lead One® program.

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